Dota 2 MMR (Medal) Calibration

$60.00 $34.00

You can order this service if the last mmr of your account was 5400 or more.

If the last mmr of your account was less than 5400 mmr or if your account never been calibrated then you can order the MMR calibration by this link

After your payment we will contact you and you should give us the username and password of your steam account so we could start MMR (Medal) Calibration.


Product Description

Complete safety due to “Family View mode“.The booster that got permission will be able only to play Dota, all other functions will be unavailable. For example he will not be able to change the E-mail address and the password, will also not be able to trade items.
For example, check our account, which enabled “Family View”. Try to log in and change the password or the e-mail:
Login: boostgg2016
Pass: teststeam2016
Please, turn on Family View option in Steam settings. How to do it? Answers are here:
How to turn on/off Steam Guard
How to turn on/off Family View