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Dota 2 Coaching

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AltayBoost offers DotA 2 Coaching which would strongly improve Your gameplay. Our coach team consists of professional players who are/were in E-Sports and have DotA 2 Coaching experience.
We do suggest different coaching formats to You, such as: You can stream Your game and both You and Coach will analyze Your mistakes, suggest You better ways of playing, will correct Your plays, what You should do, and what’s better to avoid. We also can DUO with You, communicating on Skype, play with Your friends as well. AltayBoost Coach will gladly answer all the questions considering DotA 2, and will become Your mentor! p.s.For sure You must understand English or Russian and you must have Skype for screen sharing and talking.

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  1. zen monk
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    there shoud be like a .pdf format on how you could coach players . use that and sell it . its impossible to get out of stock status on this coaching

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